Meet The Maker


“It’s my vision to reverse the trend of the over-production of short lived disposable items by rescuing and repurposing quality textiles and fabrics alongside durable leather from English saddlery.”

Debbie Griggs, AKA Griggsy – Artisan Maker for Griggsy Bags at Vintage Rogues 

Beginnings of an artisan maker

Baby, I was born to sew.

Looking at this image of me as a baby, it’s not difficult to imagine that a kid with such a stylish quiff may grow up to be a designer and maker… 

Making things has always taken me to my happy place, and studying design at De Montfort University was my gateway into producing hand grafted, bespoke products.

One wintery afternoon in 2015, I had decided to rescue a Parker Knoll armchair destined for the tip. I upholstered the chair with six tweed jackets to create a brand new repurposed piece of furniture, but I was left with lots of surplus material, and throwing it away just wasn’t an option! I had a desire to make use of everything I had and so set about using the left over collars and cuffs to create my very first Griggsy bag.

Creating Griggsy bags combines my love for making with my passion for sustainability. And, nothing makes me happier than creating a bag for someone who gets as much joy from owning it as I got from creating it for them. 

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