Whether you have an idea for a bag design or you just know you want something as unique as you are, we can hand make a bespoke bag for you that will have everyone asking where you got it from… 


Made just for you

Custom made, wearable art.

Every single Griggsy bag we make at Vintage Rogues is unique, but sometimes, our customers want to develop a piece with us. 

If you have the desire to carry the most unique of bags made from re-purposed leather and fabrics with soul, you’ve come to the right place. We can use material from an existing item that’s personal to you such as an old riding saddle, a jacket, or even an old armchair, and reimagine a one-off accessory you can carry with you every single day.

When we create a Griggsy bag, we create a new chapter in the story of pre-loved materials. Keep the story going.  

keepsakes that last forever

Keep their story alive

A bespoke made Griggsy bag is the perfect way to remember someone. We’ve made memorial pieces that repurpose the clothing or possessions of loved ones, allowing our customers to carry the memory of that person with them in the form of a reimagined piece of wearable art.  

Past commissions

Creating the perfect bag

Our commissioned bags are hand grafted at the Griggsy bag workshop in Stratford Upon Avon by Founder and artisan maker, Debbie Griggs.

When you ask us to create a bag for you, we produce a totally unique piece through a sustainable process using vintage fabrics and leather.

We love what we do and guarantee that every commission is professionally finished and delivered with pride.

RAF bag

Dual Sided Messenger Bag

dan’s wedding outfit: kilt, shirt, braces, belts, socks & shoes

This was a very special commission from the Wallace family; After an untimely loss of Father and husband, Dan Wallace, the family wanted to create a memorial piece for daughter, Storm, so she could keep memories of her Papa close to her always.

Dan’s wedding outfit was repurposed in it’s entirety to create two bags for Storm. The first, a small child’s backpack that she could use straight away, and the second, a messenger bag she will receive on her 16th birthday.


Handbag with detachable shoulder strap

pony saddle and levis jeans

This Griggsy bag was reimagined by repurposing an old and well-loved pony saddle which hadn’t been used for many years.

We stitched together a soft tan leather inset with a lining made from Levi’s jeans to create this beautiful, bespoke bag for Abi as a gift for her achievements in her exams.

Well done Abi!

Messenger bags

dad’s barbour jackets

We created three unique bags re-purposing two well-loved Barbour jackets which belonged to Chris’ late father. 

The objective was to produce individual bags for Chris, his wife Fee, and his sister as a way to remember their family member. Each bag was designed to match the individual’s personalities and needs perfectly.

Aside from the jackets we also incorporated leather and vegan leather horse tack, a soldier’s gaitor, vintage velvet, a bedouin tent trim and a 70’s print shirt as a lining!  


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