Vintage Rogues’ Griggsy bags are made from materials with a story. From vintage saddlery and tack, to Levi’s and Barbour jackets, each piece is repurposed and hand-stitched by our artisan maker to create a sustainable piece of wearable art with soul.


You may choose a Griggsy bag, but in the end, the Griggsy bag chooses you…

Welcome to reimagined fashion.



Griggsy Bags

Let a Griggsy bag choose YOU.


Beautiful stand-out-from-the crowd hats and accessories for men and women. Available in store at Bonds Lifestyle.

Meet the Maker

Re-purposing the past into wearable art, one hand stitch at a time.

The Vintage Rogues Story

Breathing life into vintage textiles since 2015.

We have access to a wider range of goods than ever before, often at a fraction of the price our parents and grandparents would have paid. This often means a compromise on the quality and longevity of goods that results in them becoming unloved and disposable, creating a growing ‘throwaway society’.

Vintage Rogues was born out of a passion for restoration, a love for traditional hand-grafted product making, and a vision to help lessen our environmental impact on the planet.

Our vision at Vintage Rogues is to reverse the trend of the over-production of short lived disposable items by re-purposing quality textiles, fabrics and English saddlery into beautiful and meaningful accessories with a story to tell. 



Artisan made

Everything you’ll find at Vintage Rogues has been hand stitched in a traditional workshop, here in the Midlands, UK.

We believe in producing products that have soul, starting with carefully selected materials with a story to tell, like a vintage riding saddle, a well-worn Barbour jacket or a faded pair of Levi’s. The essence of these items are maintained as they are repurposed and reimagined into a Griggsy bag, exclusively available at Vintage Rogues.   


 Fast fashion is a big problem throughout the world, and without positive change, may lead to environmental disaster. Our need for ‘disposable’ clothing and accessories threatens our planet with alarming rates of water consumption, pollution and emissions.

At Vintage Rogues, we want to do what’s right for the planet and use the amazing fabrics and leather we already have, to reduce landfill and encourage a recycling ethic in fashion consumers.

Sustainable fashion is at the core of what we do.

Fashion as unique as you

No two items are the same at Vintage Rogues; our Griggsy bags are as individual as they come! 

Many of our customers bring us treasured items such as a Grandfather’s Harris Tweed jacket, a school blazer, military uniform or first pony saddle. Our talented artisan maker will reimagine your treasures into a new precious memorial piece that you can keep with you every day, helping your memories to live on. 

Shop our current range at our store within Bond’s Lifestyle, we’d love to meet you!

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Customer love

Continue the story with a Griggsy bag

“Unique work.”

“My daughter loved her re-purposed saddle bag! Keep up your unique work.”


“We LOVE our Vintage Rogues bags by Griggsy! She’s a brilliant, talented designer.”

“We took Chris’s Dad’s two Barbour jackets to her and she turned them into three amazing bespoke bags that match our personalities and needs perfectly. “

Fee and Chris

“I absolutely adore my bag.”

“Thank you so much I absolutely adore my bag, especially knowing how much love, skill and enthusiasm has gone onto making it. It will be treasured.”


“I don’t normally get excited about handbags, but I was excited about this one.”

“Hand made by Vintage Rogues at Bonds Lifestyle. Refashioned leather and tartan fabric with reused horse saddle straps. Super soft leather, yet very strong. i would recommend this shop.”


Get in touch for bespoke commissions

If you have a question about availability, or you’d like to enquire about having a unique piece made for yourself or a loved one, fill in our form and we will be in touch. 

Prefer to chat on the phone? No problem, speak directly to our Artisan Maker, Griggsy:

07854 871120

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